Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

defined as tenosynovitis of tendons of flexor digitorum superficialis and profundus in a common sheath ,tendons of flexor pollicis longus in other sheath and the median nerve.Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Causes of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome :
  1. Inflammatory : eg.Rheumatic arthritis.
  2. Endocrine: hyroidism,diabetes,menopause,preganancy, etc.
  3. Metabolic: gout.
  4. Local: by crowding of space e.g. malunited Colles fracture, ganglion in carpal region osteoarthritis of carpal bones, wrist contusion, hematoma
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Clinical Features

Stage 1 Pain usually complaint characterize discomfort in hand history of morning stiffness in hand.

Stage 2Symptoms of tingling and numbness, pain, paraesthesia etc. are localized to areas supplied by median nerve.

Stage 3 Patient complains of clumsiness in hand and impairment of digital function.etc.

Stage 4There is sensory loss in median nerve distribution area and obvious wasting of thenar muscles.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Physiotherapy Measures
  • Thermotherapy : using ultrasound, SWD to relive pain.
  • Exercises : Gentle relaxed passive movements, active assisted and active movements of wrist and fingers area indicated
  • Splints : Carpal tunnel splint helps.