Rotator Cuff Treatment

Rotator Cuff Treatment

Incidence of rotator cuff tear < 70 years -30%, 71-80 years.
60% and above 80 years is 70%. It comprises supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularies and teres minor.

Causes of Rotator Cuff

  • 1. Commonly associated with supraspinatus tendon, bicipital tendinitis etc.
  • 2. Common in athlete and sports persons.

Clinical Features

  1. Pain in shoulder, Difficulties in carrying out shoulder movements, especially abduction..

Physiotherapy Measures

  1. Thermotherapy- ultra sound, SWD, Tens eThermotherapy- ultra sound, SWD, Tens etc helps in pain helps in pain relief.
  2. Active & Passive mobilization techniques for Shoulder.
  3. Exercises – gravity eliminated abduction, flexion and extension exercise, pendulum swing and progressive assistive abduction exercises and later with resistance.

Precautions of Rotator Cuff

  1. Sling support to prevent excessive stretch on rotator cuff by prolongs hanging of arm.
  2. Gravity eliminated positions should be adopted.
  3. Avoid sports activities constantly. Causes friction of shoulder.
  4. Avoid jerking movements and lifting of heavy weights.