Scoliosis is defined as lateral curvature of the spine in the upright position.

Scoliosis Types :

  • Structural and functional.

Clinical Features

  1. Idiopathic scoliosis can occur at any age between 10 -13 years.
  2. More common in females.
  3. Rib hump or abnormal paraspinal muscular prominence indicates spinal rotation.
  4. Measurement of arm span
  5. Thoracic is more common.
  6. Pain in low backache
  7. Decrease respiration in later cases.

Cobb’s angle shows severity of spine

  • Mild – 200
  • Moderate – 200 – 400
  • Severe – < 400

Physiotherapy Measures

  • Postural correction Exercise: deep breathing exercises, balancing exercises, active ROM exercises to the spine, strengthening exercises to the abdominal and spinal muscles.
  • Passive stretching of muscles on concave side.
  • Braces for at least for 3 months.